Friday, February 26, 2010

365/57 Catchlights/6

two photos today! One of the kiddo, in B&W, the other was more to study catchlights as a technical part of photography. Kiddo was extremely cooperative today, but my inspiration was not. I blew a whole bunch of shots to finally arrive at this photo.

50mm f/2.0 @ f/3.2, 1/250sec and ISO 200. Flash bounced "camera left" (left's just say the bounce surface was slightly color casty) @ 0EV compensation.

Lexi Catchlights B&W

The following shot was followed by the conclusion that only odd, non-circular shapes qualify as a good light source (be it reflective or otherwise) for catchlights. The bigger the light source, the better. Umbrella lights: fail. On camera flash: Big Fail. All is not lost, just bounce your flash off a big light colored wall (white preferred to prevent color casts)!

Sheep Catchlights

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