Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 365, Day 40 ("From the Hip" Day 3)

The kiddo is getting better with the camera, or rather being the one getting her photo taken! Or maybe I'm getting better with my people skills, who knows. What I like about this week, is that I can have better eye contact with my subject, rather than staring through the lens. It makes for a very unique experience.

Lens and camera settings:
50mm f/2.0 @ f/3.2, 1/160sec and ISO 100. Flash bounced off a nearby wall camera left @ -0.7EV compensation.

These settings were the wrong choice for sure, I would have liked a smaller aperture for more DOF and maybe a positive flash compensation (+0.3EV rather than -0.7) because the photo ended up being a stop underexposed. Post processing fixed the exposure, but I much rather get it right right away. You can only take a shot once.

Lexi (hip day 3)

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  1. I'm a sucker for an adorable face. ;) I love faces and eyes and this one is just great! Good job Chris.