Monday, October 31, 2011

The beauty of 120 film.

A little while ago, I went to Albany for a short photo walk to give my Hasselblad a little exercise and to see what a roll of 2 year expired Ilford HP5 can do. The results speak for themselves:

Rescan of Albany 21.2011
I absolutely love the endless detail, especially at this little web size (you'll have to trust me when I say it gets better when you view this photo at 100% resolution. You can read the signs at the end of the street as if they were in front of you, even with 400 ISO grain)

Ilford HP5+ 10.2011008
The Empire State Plaza.

Ilford HP5+ 10.2011009
My wife actually had a better capture with her iPhone and Instagram. I'll go hide in a corner now.

Ilford HP5+ 10.2011011
Leading lines?

Ilford HP5+ 10.2011004
I might have to use this film for portraits.