Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's been a while..

I know, I know. I've been rather busy with non-photography related stuff lately, but I haven't neglected my camera(s) completely. I managed to fill 2 more rolls on my Hasselblad (see my Flickr) and I've been shooting some macro. Firstly though, some business. I shot the following yesterday with this exact picture in my mind:


I used my flash mounted to a shoot-through umbrella at full power. I placed to the left of me, maybe half a foot away, set to wide angle for maximum light dispersion (as much as the flash is capable of anyway). Camera off to my right, manually focused at the spot I was going to be sitting in, roughly. Focus wasn't extremely important since it was going to be a hard B&W silhouette. Camera wide open, ISO 400 for maximum yin/yang between noise and light gathering abilities and click! Yeah, I did have to do 'some' processing to remove the remaining detail, but I'd say this was a success.

Best macro of the year (from my camera anyway):
Bud Unbudding

I'm rather proud of my macro. I've been following this bud since its inception right after the snow slowed down here. Make no mistake: to date, it has yet to actually stop snowing. There was still a 'flurry blizzard' just this morning. Ridiculous. Anyway... There will be many more macros of this particular Lilac over the course of the next few months.