Monday, February 8, 2010

Project 365, Day 39 ("From the Hip", Day 2)

A portrait of my cat today! Yes, it's shot from the hip, well I didn't look through the viewfinder. I think it's time to compare processing today, since it no longer seems to matter how I handle my camera to get composition to work.

I've always been a fan of "Olympus Colors", but I use Adobe Camera Raw (well, from Lightroom anyway) for most of my processing, thus eliminating that "Olympus" bias to the color curve, because ACR treats all RAW files more or less equal (yes, I realize certain Nikon and Canon cameras have color profile support in ACR, let's ignore that for now). To get proper "Olympus Colors", one has to process their files using Olympus Master/Studio or shoot JPEG. The latter requires perfect exposure and leaves no headroom for highlight and shadow recovery. That said, below you'll find examples of the exact same photo processed 2 different ways (ACR vs. OOC JPEG). To this end, I shot RAW+JPEG (just this once ;-) ).

"Adobe Colors":

"Olympus Colors":
Baby Oly

These files, apart from minor use of a brightness/contrast layer, have had no editing done to them. These files were not sharpened at all apart from the standard ACR input sharpening on the RAW file and in-camera sharpening on the JPEG (which, I believe, is set to "soft" on its current setting). Flickr must add some sharpening to their files.

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