Tuesday, February 23, 2010

365/54 Catchlights/3

Don't mind the hair, she's having a pre-bath explosion today, It's snowing, so it's another 'cool' picture, no warm sunlight :P The cast you see on either side of her face is random lamp light in the living room reflecting off her face.

Lens and camera settings:
50mm f/2.0 @ f/2.0, 1/100sec and ISO 400.

I would have liked a smaller aperture, but I would need more light, or ISO, for that as the shutter speed is as low as I can comfortably go without motion blur with this particular subject/lens combo. The photo was slightly underexposed and brought back in ACR, and as a result does look less than ideal. All this will change tomorrow, because UPS is scheduled to -finally- deliver my new E-3! Hopefully everything will go smoothly this time!

Lexi Catchlights 3

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