Wednesday, March 10, 2010

365/69 Color Accent/4

I was in an experimenty mood today, and decided to mess around with textures. First the real deal, full color regular edition. This is a photo of by far the oldest jar of Vaseline I'll ever see. If you have an older one, email me, I'd love to see it! It's still about half full and I'm sure well past the expiration date it doesn't have... Even the drug store it was bought from has been closed down for ages.

Lens and camera settings:
50mm f/2.0 @ f/4.0, 1/100sec (oops) and ISO 100. Flash bounced off white posterboard camera right (how'd you guess?) @ +1.0EV compensation.

Old Vaseline Regular Colors

Now the textured version. Love it or hate it, I'm still undecided on this one. Let me know what you think!

Old Vaseline with Texture


  1. For what it's worth, I like the first one best. The colors are fantastic. It has a "real" feel to it, and is obviously old - no need to add the texture!

  2. Funny you say that, because after I got done posting it, I felt the same way :) I just had to try it..