Monday, March 8, 2010

365/67 Something Old/2

I found many old things in the attic (many generations of pack rats lived in this house), but this drew my attention for some reason. This light bulb has been in the attic since before the current owner bought it, which was not exactly last year if you know what I mean. The houses in this city are at least 80 years old.

I used a soft light layer at 50% for added contrast, then various color modification layers (saturation, selective color, brightness/contrast, levels) to exaggerate the dirt on the bulb. The color tone was unaffected, it's just a little more "poppy" now.

Lens and camera settings:
50mm f/2.0 @ f/8, 1/250sec and ISO 400. Flash bounced off white posterboard camera right @ +2.0EV compensation.

Old Bulb

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