Monday, May 3, 2010

White Balance Play

Today I decided to play with custom white balance, the properly set kind. Olympus seems to prefer white surfaces to the "neutral grey" kind. As a treat, I processed this photo in Adobe Camera Raw and Olympus Master, both with identical exposure and white balance settings, post processing layers the same, all that was different was that Olympus Master was set to the in-camera processing defaults, and ACR was left to its own devices to figure out what to do with the Raw file.

Baby Proper WB #1

Baby Proper WB #2

Let me know which you prefer, and I'll reveal which is which! All I have to say, is that I still prefer Oly processing, but with CWB set, the difference isn't as big as it used to be.

Also: see the green "cast" in the photo? It's actually not a cast, since the whites are white. It's actually proof you should never shoot under CFL bulb light! The limited color range of these bulbs turned everything "green". I did take a photo with the flash also, which looked a lot more natural.

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