Thursday, May 6, 2010

365/126 Affection/5

Helen taught me this trick (HRP on ILP). Before PP, there used to be a flash dead smack in the middle of the heart, the heart was also upside down (arms just simply don't bend that way). I set my camera to f/22 and 1/250 (highest sync speed) and ISO 100 to remove all ambient light, and I set the flash to 1/8th power to shoot just enough light into the picture toward the camera to work as a back light but not illuminate the top of the hands (camera side). This resulted in just the inside rim of the heart being illuminated. In PS I used a levels layer to set the black point to exclude everything but the brightest part of the photo. And now we arrive here:

Lens and camera settings:
14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 @ 35mm, f/22, 1/250sec and ISO 100. Flash @ 1/8th power, firing toward the camera.
Heart from hands


  1. This is my absolute favorite! I hope I can figure it out...

  2. Thank you! If you have the ability to shoot OCF, you should be able to do this :-) Oh yeah, you might ask how I avoided to have the flash in the middle of the photo, I didn't, I just removed it in PP. I was sloppy, so if you took this photo and imported it into Lightroom and pushed the exposure to +4, you can still see the rim of the flash :-P