Thursday, August 19, 2010

First real practice session. Good Bye, 365!

As I say goodbye to documenting the 365 Project on this blog (I still actively participate, but on ILP only), I say hello to what may very well be my future! Time will tell.

Below you'll find the very first beginnings of what could be my future photography business. I went and took what I learned over the past year or so and put it to practice. My wife and daughter have been tormented with shutter clicks and light flashes for what seems like an eternity to them, and I decided to show them what all that practice can produce. I personally say it's a very successful first session, but as always, you be the judge!

Erika on Bridge
Erika and Alexis in Park
Erika in grass
Alexis in grass
Erika and Tree
Erika in Rose Garden
Alexis Playing With Grass

And because my wife loves this image, even though I failed at adhering to some basic photography rules, here is this:
Erika and Alexis on Bridge

I'm not saying they're perfect pro material, but I am saying I like where this is heading.

1 comment:

  1. I love the first one of the two of them and I have to agree with the wife...despite a few minor rules being broken, this really is a nice image. Photography isn't always about following the rules. It's about capturing moments.
    Great start!